Scuba Schools International Conference Quote


“That was probably the most I’ve learned in the shortest amount of time- I left inspired, I really enjoyed our meeting and appreciate your time.”

“Lisa is exceptionally skilled, focused, passionate, good-willed and generous.”

“Shifting my focus has helped my business explode with growth, new customers and a wealth of prospects.”

“She brings valuable and useful tools to support and develop others.”

“I had my highest ranking post in history on the company Facebook page in August after taking your advise.  I’m using more pictures with the links in the remarks section and that seems to be boosting the views.”

“The “letter to our patients” idea was brilliant! I can not thank you enough! We are getting such a tremendous response both in the office and online (and we are ALMOST at 100 likes!!!!). I posted it on FB and also sent it as an E-blast to all out active patients with our FB and website links. Dave is very pleased and agrees that we need to “get personal” more often which opens up a lot more opportunities for our social media campaign. Just wanted to say thanks!!”